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Looking for a way to automate tedious and repetitive sales tasks? Use Copper’s sales workflow software to drive efficiency throughout your sales process.

  • Simplify complex sales processes
  • Eliminate time-consuming admin tasks
  • Automate and scale your sales team
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Automate your sales workflow.

The most productive sales teams have streamlined process and automated workflows to take the heavy lifting off your reps throughout the sales process. With Copper, you can create a new process, enter criteria, add time triggers, and define automated actions. No more busy work.

Copper Opportunities Workflow

Streamline next steps on opportunities.

Know exactly what you have to conquer next in the deal process. Copper helps you save time and increase productivity with smart workflows that set automated tasks for any opportunity in any stage. From automatically assigning owners to setting task reminders and due dates, you can be sure that you’re always taking the next best actions on a deal.

Deal Last Contacted Date

Never let a deal go stale.

Copper helps you stay on top of inactive opportunities so you can effortlessly keep deals from going off track. Just set up a workflow that looks for deals that have been stuck in a certain stage or status for a defined amount of time, and set automated reminders and due dates to trigger an action (like following up with an email or call). Now, reps can manage their pipeline seamlessly and not worry about deals falling through the cracks.

Never Miss A Follow Up

Never miss a follow-up or action item.

Copper has relative reminders that remind you of upcoming events, calls, and tasks so you’re prompted to take action when you need to—without having to remember on your own. Just set a notification 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or any amount of time before the task is due to be reminded of it. With automated reminders like these, you can easily stay on top of your to-do list.

The #1 CRM for sales workflow automation

Lead management

Recopila y monitoriza contactos con un solo clic y categorízalos rápidamente con etiquetas. Sigue su progreso con paneles de control y acompáñalos para que se conviertan en oportunidades de negocio.

Gestión de oportunidades

Ten siempre una visión completa de los acuerdos de tu equipo. Copper monitoriza la fase del acuerdo, la competencia, la fuente del contacto, el importe de la pipeline, el historial de la cuenta y más.

Gestión de previsiones

Built-in sales forecast reports show potential revenue by expected close date so you can keep a pulse on your pipeline, plan ahead, and course-correct for a fast and accurate forecast.

Automate sales busywork and finally find time for the work that matters.

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Caso de éxito
University Michigan Copper Testimonial
Copper made it easy to bring all the data together efficiently particularly for reporting and setting up automated workflows that solved a lot of our problems.
Shane RedmanData Project Manager, University of Michigan

The software that power sales workflow automation

Gestión de oportunidades

Sigue el progreso de los acuerdos con pipelines visuales desde el contacto hasta el cierre.

Lead management

Manage new leads through a qualification process to build sales pipeline and win new business.

Paneles de control de ventas

Observa los datos de ventas críticos con un conjunto de paneles de control que te permiten mantener las oportunidades controladas.

Activity dashboards

Gain insight into team productivity and learn what actions lead to closed business in one concise view.

Pipeline management

Build and customize multiple pipelines to manage different business processes for any team, service or workflow.


Use tags to segment your contacts for additional tracking capabilities and added context on accounts.

Días en cada fase de ventas

Averigua qué acuerdos están estancados para que puedas sugerir los siguientes pasos y mantenerte en el buen camino.

Automatización de flujos de trabajo

Automatically assign follow-up tasks based on changes to leads or opportunities.

Auto-enrich records

Copper scrapes the internet for contact and company information, social profiles, personal interests and automatically adds it to the record.

Seguimiento de correos electrónicos abiertos

Get alerts when contacts open your email messages and reach out while you’re top of mind.

Extensión para Chrome

Add leads, update opportunities, reference account history, and close deals from a panel right in Gmail and Inbox.

Google Drive

Attach and access any Google Drive file related to your accounts and deals.

G Suite integration

Native integration with Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Inbox and Gmail.


Avisa a tus compañeros de equipo cuando necesites ayuda o quieras mantenerlos al día de lo que está ocurriendo en una cuenta.

Keep pipeline moving

Sales workflow minus the admin work.

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