Sales automation software.

Improve your sales process with automated data entry and workflows.

  • Improve sales efficiency and deal velocity
  • Improve close ratio and percentage of deals won
  • Mejora los ratios de conversión para aumentar tus ingresos

Sales automation has never been easier.

Let’s face it, selling can be complex. Winning a deal is never boring but the activities and tasks required to close it often are. Copper’s sales automation tools make selling easier by empowering you to standardize your processes and reduce time-consuming tasks so you can drive the perfect deal, every time.


Auto-magical sales processes

Copper simplifies complex sales processes with customizable drag-and-drop pipelines. Create different stages by team or business line, define tasks, and automate email follow-ups to complete each stage. Reps will avoid deal-crushing mistakes and managers will get the visibility needed to coach reps to success and keep deals on track.


A complete view of every deal.

Copper’s native G Suite and Gmail integration allows you to automatically log all sales activity, giving you a complete history of calls, emails, contacts, deals, files, upcoming tasks, and meetings. Reps can organize important contacts easily and see everything related to a deal in one click.


Focus on selling, not manual data entry.

Copper puts hours back in a sales rep’s day by eliminating manual data entry. Add leads to Copper with a click and instantly see all contact and company details and, attachments in the record. Take the pesky task of resetting and recreating to-dos that happen on a regular basis and make it automatic. Made a call, added notes, or changed the deal stage? That’s all automagically logged into the Copper crm, making it easy for reps to spend their time closing—not maintaining the database.

Make every seller more effective.

Copper’s sales automation platform takes over the manual and tedious tasks sales teams do every day. With Copper, you can finally focus on managing leads, working opportunities, and closing deals.

Increase seller efficiency

Native integration with Gmail and Calendar logs all sales activities and emails automatically, eliminating hours of copying and pasting data.

Speed up deal cycles

Automated email and deal notifications alert reps on changes with leads or opportunities so deals never slip through the cracks.

Ramp up sales velocity

Real-time insights and deal recommendations will guide sales reps in how to move deals forward, faster.

Copper’s sales automation saves reps eight hours per week on average.

Start automating your sales process today!

Caso de éxito
We can push out 10x the amount of work that a typical agent can, because of the automation in Copper.
Beverly RobinsonReali

Sales Automation Features and Benefits

Extensión para Chrome

Añade contactos, actualiza las oportunidades, consulta el historial de tu cuenta y cierra acuerdos directamente desde un panel integrado en Gmail o en tu bandeja de entrada.

Gestión de contactos

Get to know your audience and build long-lasting relationships by engaging and nurturing them.

Automatización de tareas y gestión de actividades

Track and manage calls, emails, meetings, and follow-ups on deals to stay organized. Take the pesky task of resetting and recreating to-dos that happen on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or any custom basis and make it automatic.

Gestión de clientes potenciales y oportunidades

Manage new leads and opportunities through a qualification process to build sales pipelines and win new business.

Capture every call with VoIP integration

Combine your RingCentral phone system and Copper for quick click-to-dial connectivity.

Integración con Google Calendar

Programa y gestiona tus reuniones de ventas directamente desde Copper.

Google Calendar Scheduling Tool

Send contacts your availability directly from your crm. Using a unique link, meeting attendees can select the time that’s best for them and with one click.

Hangout Chat integration

Start a video meeting from a contact record in Copper.


Real-time alerts indicate when leads and deals need attention and deliver updated information.

Automated sales reporting

Build and save pre-filtered lists of leads, contacts, companies, or opportunities for a quick view into segment details that matter to you.

Project management revenue

Track project details from end to end to collaborate seamlessly and deliver work on time.

Automatic data entry

Copper automatically finds new leads and populates full contact details, so you can add info in one click.

Zapier integrations

Copper’s Zapier integration makes sales workflow automation a breeze. With the ability to connect our crm with over 1,000 apps, your team can keep using all the sales tools they love without skipping a beat. Automate workflows and sync data in one central location by connecting Copper with over 1,000 popular apps.

Pipelines personalizables

Copper offers multiple drag-and-drop pipelines that are completely customizable to your process. With visual status indicators, you can see opportunities status instantly. Need multiple pipelines for different types of deals? Copper’s got you covered.

Seguimiento de correos electrónicos abiertos

Sabrás exactamente el momento en que un contacto ha abierto tu mensaje de correo, para que puedas ponerte en contacto con ellos mientras te tienen presente.

Easy to configure and set up

You can build customizations and train your relationship team in minutes

Lead and opportunity activity reports

Obtén información rápidamente sobre métricas de actividad de tu equipo como llamadas, correos electrónicos y notas, para saber qué acciones consiguieron cerrar acuerdos en una sola vista concisa.

Aplicaciones móviles

Receive notifications on new activity, ping your team, and update opportunities all on the go and in the palm of your hand.

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